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Dan Snow’s guide to digging up your family’s military past

Monday, June 1st, 2009

From here:

Not everyone can boast that they are related to a former Prime Minister, or to one of Shakespeare’s alleged lovers. But Dan Snow can do both.

The young TV historian already has an accomplished close family – his father is broadcaster and co-presenter Peter, whose cousin Jon is the Channel 4 News anchor – but it seems his ancestors were even more distinguished.

“David Lloyd George is my great great grandfather and we’re all very proud of him,” says Dan.

“He was Britain’s first working class Prime Minister and is definitely up against Churchill for the greatest one.

“He had a pretty impressive record really, coming in back in 1916 when we had the worst years in British history. We were in danger of losing the Battle of the Atlantic, we’d had a hideous loss of life on the Western Front and David Lloyd George came in and provided charismatic leadership that helped Britain win the war.”

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