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YouTube – Exploding melon in slow motion – double musket shot test with Dan Snow

Monday, March 8th, 2010

YouTube – Exploding melon in slow motion – double musket shot test with Dan Snow.

Christmas has long been a time for gluttony | BBC History Magazine

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Christmas is approaching; people are giving themselves over to wild excess, while misanthropes moan. They wail that Christmas has become a festival of excess, an orgy of licentiousness, a celebration of gluttony.

Since these are exactly the aspects of Christmas that I most enjoy, I bridle when told by misguided joyless folk that I am betraying the true spirit of Christmas. Particularly because anyone with a passing knowledge of the history of the midwinter festival now known as Christmas will know that ever since humans became capable of sharing a common culture, they have let their hair down and partied at the time of year when the days are shortest.

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BBC News – The heroes Britain accidentally forgot

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

“Mr Snow’s personal choice for unsung hero is “utter legend” Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army who inspired unwavering loyalty from his soldiers, and was only the second black player in the top division of the Football League.”

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Henley on Thames – The history girls and boys prepare for festival

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Dan Snow, military historian and son of veteran broadcaster Sir Peter, is the last to take the stage, on Sunday. “History is the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone on this planet,” he says, and he has certainly experienced its thrills.

His hands-on approach to the past has seen him gassed, piloting Second World War aircraft, training as a sniper, and shovelling muck in London’s sewers. His visit to the literary festival takes him to the more elegant setting of Henley’s Town Hall where he describes the hardships faced by troops in the battle for North America 250 years ago, outlined in his book, Death or Victory.

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Saturday, July 18th, 2009

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Snow go for Dan

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

From here:

Dan Snow may be happy not to be in the shadow of his father, the veteran television presenter Peter Snow, but he has clearly not yet convinced the BBC.

The 30-year-old historian was invited to travel with Peter, 71, through central Europe for the programme Around the World in 80 Days, as part of the BBC’s Children in Need coverage.

Mandrake hears that when Peter turned it down it was decided Dan could not be paired with anyone else, or present on his own. “Having Dan in another context wasn’t in the mix,”confirms a spokesman for the Beeb.

I heard about this programme earlier in the year and it seems a shame that Dan is not now involved – would probably have been pretty interesting!

iome adds free London video tours from Dan Snow to BT MyPlace

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

From here:

– BBC personality, Dan Snow, presents video Mobi-Guides to help residents & tourists make the most of their City stay-cations –

London, UK: iome, a provider of location-based digital lifestyle services, has today published a series of free video Mobi-Guides for London, developed and presented by BBC personality Dan Snow. The Mobi-Guides are available on BT MyPlace, a service that presents people with information based on their preferences and location, within central London and the West End. This service, which is powered by iome, enables consumers to download the most relevant Mobi-Guide based on their location, at any time, via an Internet-enabled mobile device or PC.
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