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BBC – BBC Two Programmes – Montezuma

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Saturday, 20:00 on BBC Two (except Northern Ireland (Analogue), Wales (Analogue))


Dan Snow travels to Mexico to investigate the history, character and legacy of Montezuma, the last great ruler of the Aztecs of central America.

He uncovers the extraordinary story of the Aztecs themselves, a cultured and civilised people whose lives were governed by eleborate ceremony and blood-curdling ritual.

Dan Snow also discovers how, in a titanic clash of cultures, their leader Montezuma faced up to a mortal threat from another world – the weaponry, gold-lust and greed of 16th century Spanish conquistadors.

via BBC – BBC Two Programmes – Montezuma.


Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

From BBC History Magazine:

How the mighty fall
History hasn’t been kind to Montezuma (also known as Moctezuma). Unfortunate enough to lead his people as the conquistadors eyed the riches of the New World, Montezuma is most often seen as a hapless traitor. But is this fair? Should we instead see him as a tragic figure, a man who played a game of psychological chess against his enemies but lost? As a new exhibition on the emperor opens at the British Museum, these questions are considerd by Dan Snow.