Frequently Asked Questions

Though the site is on hiatus, I will sporadically update this FAQ with answers to questions that come through the contact page or seem to be popular search terms for the site.


Is Dan Snow the son of Jon Snow (newsreader, not fictional Game  of Thrones character)?

No. He is, however, the son of Peter Snow – who some of you might remember from Tomorrow’s World, election news broadcasts and other television presenting appearances. Additionally, he is a descendant of David Lloyd George, former British Prime Minister.

How can I contact Dan Snow?

NOT THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. I’ve tried to make it clear all over the site that we don’t have any contact with Dan and that the website is unofficial. I’ve even re-iterated it on the contact page (which is a page for contacting me, the person behind the site – I do welcome questions and try to assist with what information I can provide, but I’m not Dan Snow himself).

Sadly, I do still get a fair number of messages directed at Dan (and not all of them very nice :(). As of 25th April 2014, I shall be publishing all abusive emails on tumblr, especially if they’ve been sent by someone who thinks I’m Dan Snow.

The best way to try to get hold of Dan is through his agent or his own personal twitter account – both are linked on the right side of the website.

How tall is Dan?

He’s said in the past that he is 6ft 6in tall.

Do you have any pictures of Dan’s wife/kid?

No. This site is only about Dan’s professional work not his private life. For those of you who were searching for nude photos? Don’t have any of those either.

Can you answer a history question for me?

Probably not. I’m not a historian. The best places to try to find answers are your local library, museums and the internet (try Google Scholar for slightly more academically reliable sources)

Last updated: 25th April 2014

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  1. Rupert Law says:

    Entered Quebec as Britain’s ‘greatest battle’ in national army museum competition and was only one to leave a comment on why. Wondered if anyone else thinks so or I just got bit carried away. Was partly influenced bu D.Snows Death & Glory book.