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From the BBC Press Office and Dan’s page @ United Agents:

Dan Snow is a historian, broadcaster and television presenter.

He was born and raised in London, and remembers spending every weekend of his childhood being taken to castles, battlefields, country houses and churches.

Dan developed a great love of history which he went on to pursue at Oxford University. While there he also rowed in the Boat Race three times.

He left with a double first in history and started presenting military history programmes with his father, Peter Snow. Their series, Battlefield Britain, won a BAFTA award. It told the story of eight of the decisive clashes in British history from Boudicca to the Battle of Britain.

The follow-up series was transmitted in the summer of 2007. It featured eight of the key military encounters of the 20th century, including battles such as Stalingrad and the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

Dan has worked on numerous public occasions for BBC Events such as the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and the “City Salute” organised by Princes William and Harry.

Dan has a regular slot on The One Show on BBC One where he explores great stories from British history. He made a documentary on China’s First Emperor and his Terracotta Army for BBC Two in 2007; the follow-up on the Emperor Hadrian was shown on BBC Two in July 2008.

In June 2008 Dan explored the islands of St Kilda for Britain’s Lost World on BBC One.

His series ‘Empire of the Seas: How the Royal Navy Made the Modern World’ was broadcast in early 2010.

During the course of his work Dan has flown Second World War aircraft, been gassed, shovelled muck in a sewer under London for a day, contracted pneumonia and been trained as a sniper.

Dan has written a book about the Seven Years War in North America called “Death or Victory” which was published in September 2009 to mark the 250th anniversary of the fall of Quebec. An accompanying television programme was broadcast by BBC2 in March 2010, produced by Dan’s production company, Ballista.

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  1. Joan Hughes says:

    Hi Dan
    i have been interested in your programs for quite a while now.I have been doing my family history mainly about my dad who was captured on Crete in may 1941 and eventually a pow at stalag 1V a .i wanted to know how he got from Crete to Elsterhorst and was vry fortunate to be put in touch with a POW who now in his 90’s who told me quite a lot.
    This year is 70th of this battle but hardly anything has been mentioned about this.
    The man i met has a diary writtten by his friend about their experiences.There are not many of them left now.My Dad died in 1988 and i have some photos etc of his time in India before the war and as a pow.I wonder if you are interested in this sort of thing and of course the ww2 survivors are getting older.Thanks anyway.Joan

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Joan,

    Unfortunately Dan-Snow.co.uk doesn’t have any contact with Dan himself. You might have some luck contacting him on twitter or through his agent.

    Good luck with the progress on your family history!