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Dig WWII Book

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

A tie-in book for Dig WWII is in the works and due to be published next March.

From here:

Anova Books imprint Conway has acquired the official tie-in to forthcoming BBC series “Dig WWII” fronted by historian Dan Snow.

Publisher John Lee acquired world rights through agent Luigi Bonomi on behalf of documentary makers 360 Production.

The book and series will focus on the new discipline of military archaology, investigating little-known stories from the Second World War through excavations and dives. The historians uncover the remains of a crashed Spitfire in a Somerset graveyard, dive to a sunken U-boat and British Armed Merchant Ship in the North Sea, and explore German D-Day tunnels and bunkers off Juno Beach.

Lee said: “We are very excited to be teaming up with experienced history documentary makers 360 Production, who previously filmed ‘Dig 1940’ for BBC1. That series was popularly received, achieving ratings of nearly 5 million viewers for the opening episode. I’m also delighted to be working on another project involving Dan Snow, who is the perfect presenter for such an innovative hands-on approach to military history.”

Military and naval historian Jean Hood will write the book, which will be published in March next year priced £20. The series is lined up for spring 2012.

Daily Express | Books :: Death Or Victory – The Battle of Quebec and The Birth of Empire: Dan Snow

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

THE year 1759 was the decisive turning-point in the conflict between various European powers that later came to be known as the Seven Years’ War.

It resulted in the British occupation of Canada, formerly New France, and ensured that the cultural identity of the North American continent would be Anglo-Saxon rather then French. While battles would be fought in Europe, Africa and India, it had been the French incursion southwards into the Ohio Valley in 1754 that had already provoked the British to war.

via Daily Express | Books :: Death Or Victory – The Battle of Quebec and The Birth of Empire: Dan Snow.

Death or Victory – Dan Snow

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Death or Victory: Wolfe, Quebec and the Birth of Empire

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Available on 17th September 2009:

An epic history of the battle of Quebec, the death of Wolfe and the beginnings of Britain’s empire in North America. Military history at its best. Perched on top of a tall promontory, surrounded on three sides by the treacherous St Lawrence River, Quebec — in 1759 France’s capital city in Canada — forms an almost impregnable natural fortress. That year, with the Seven Years War raging around the globe, a force of 49 ships and nearly 9,000 men commanded by the irascible General James Wolfe, navigated the river, scaled the cliffs and laid siege to the town in an audacious attempt to expel the French from North America for ever. In this magisterial book which ties in to the 250th anniversary of the battle, Dan Snow tells the story of this famous campaign which was to have far-reaching consequences for Britain’s rise to global hegemony, and the world at large. Snow brilliantly sets the battle within its global context and tells a gripping tale of brutal war quite unlike those fought in Europe, where terrain, weather and native Indian tribes were as fearsome as any enemy. ‘I never served so disagreeable campaign as this,’ grumbled one British commander, ‘it is war of the worst shape.’ 1759 was, without question, a year in which the decisions of men changed the world for ever. Based on original research, and told from all perspectives, this is history — military, political, human — on an epic scale.