Henley Literary Festival

Written by Rachel on July 27th, 2009

Dan will be appearing at the Henley Literary Festival on 4th October.

58 – Dan Snow

The Conquest of America


Town Hall


‘History is the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone on this planet,’ says TV presenter and historian, Dan Snow, and you won’t take much convincing as you listen to his analysis of one of the most thrilling campaigns of the past. Dubbed ‘the history boy’, he has already presented three TV programmes on 20th century war and now goes further back in time to focus on the siege of Quebec. Writing about the battle on its 250th anniversary for his new book, Death or Victory: Wolfe, Quebec and the Birth of Empire has been a project dear to the heart of Snow, a Canadian citizen and son of veteran BBC journalist Sir Peter. Here he explains the almost impossible challenge posed by the daunting natural fortress and Native American tribes every bit as fearsome as the official enemy, the French. Snow is an inspiring speaker who has the gift of making warfare come alive in all its terror and glory. Book now to see a master at work.


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