Henley on Thames – Dan Snow review

Written by Rachel on October 12th, 2009

THE session with Dan Snow must rate highly in the minds of those who heard and saw him. His talk and the questions and answers format riveted everyone’s attention with his total commitment and enthusiasm.

Whilst his new book Death or Victory: Wolfe, Quebec and the Birth of Empire suggests a different lecture than one on the American conquest, his brilliantly constructed talk and book brings together in a comprehensive, colourful picture just how significant the defeat was of the French and local Indians at Quebec in 1759.

It was more than the defeat of the colonial French as it changed the nature of all of North America, of Britain itself and world history, the benefits of which abound.

Discussing the military nature of the seven years war, of which this was a part, Snow fervently believes that it was far more exciting than the more understood Napoleonic Wars and feels it is a much neglected area of British history. Perhaps his book will change that.

Because of his well recognised appreciation of military history, Snow described the logistics and battle plans of both sides and how the armies were disciplined, suffered, yet fought on.

His audience was captivated by his grasp and his ability to pass on his research in such an easy-to-follow style that left them queuing for his books at the end.

It is good to know he is now turning his attention to the British Navy.

Laureen Williamson

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