Filthy Cities Mini Round-Up

Written by Rachel on April 5th, 2011

Bit slacking on the site LOADS for the last few months, life seems to have gotten in the way, but here’s a mini round up:

  • BBC Filthy Cities mini site
  • Do you have to dodge the contents of bedpans or step over rotting corpses on your way to work? Well, you may have had to if you’d lived in London, New York or Paris back when they were filthy cities. In this immersive new series Dan Snow brings these cities’ stinking histories vividly to life from the bottom up. Taking the travelogue in a whole new direction – with extraordinary, hands-on demos and stunts and revolutionary CGI – he excavates the murky past in gruesome detail during defining periods in history. You’ll find out how each of these modern capitals was forged in the muck of the past, emerging from ‘filthy cities’ into three of the world’s model metropolises.

  • Filthy Graphics – video revealing how the Filthy Cities series was brought to life using computer graphics and special effects.
  • Dan Snow’s Dirty Words and Filthy Phrases

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