Luton Today article on Dig WW2

Written by Rachel on September 16th, 2011

The article can be found here.

GALLANT French postman Laurent Viton – who last year masterminded a Normandy memorial to a Lancaster bomber crew which included Flight Sergeant Derek Flitton of Luton – has been helping with a new BBC series to be presented by Dan Snow.

DIG WW2 is a three-part series to be screened next year.

Laurent, who has made it his life’s mission to list all the Allied planes downed in his area, was approached by the show’s researchers.

He said: “They were looking for an interesting WW2 aviation dig.

“I directed them to two crash sites and with their powerful detectors they were able to pinpoint both in a few minutes.” They chose the site where Canadian pilot Harold ‘Fred’ Heninger had gone down.


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